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We offer high quality products that have been developed with the best of nature, thinking in your health and wellness.

The developments of our products are made with qualified scientific personnel, who have master and PhD in chemistry. With this we guarantee products that really help you to have a healthier life.

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The south of the Colombian Amazon close to what is now known as Sibundoy, on the Putumayo riverside, was the origin of much knowledge about medicinal herbs. The wise indigenous people from the region were convinced that diseases were spirits and they could be cured using the appropriate herb. These plants had the virtue of take out the evil spirit from the sick body, giving relief for the disease.

The Colombian Amazon has been for years the source of many scientific discoveries if which it would have been impossible to produce hundreds of new pharmaceutical products. That is why we should protect the Colombian Amazon to continue proving its benefits to the global health and produce much of the oxygen we breathe.